About Green Lighting

Our Green Lighting Manifesto
Green (or sustainable) Lighting is an emerging field that is quickly evolving. Lindsley Lighting looks at Green Lighting through the greencycle process. The greencycle addresses the environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of a fixture. This includes materials selection, manufacturing processes, energy efficient light sources, packaging, shipping and recycling. Our aim is to minimize the carbon footprint of our fixtures from development through recycling. As new technologies and information emerge we will continuously look for ways to lighten the impact of our fixtures. These fixtures are perfect for buildings that are pursuing LEED certification or those that want a more sustainable approach and increased energy efficiency.

Light Sources: One of the most energy efficient light sources today is solid state lighting (LEDs). Therefore we only use LEDs in our fixtures. We source from the highest quality producers of LEDs: CREE and Xicato. We have created custom LED boards with integrated intelligence to ensure the best light output, dimming and control system compatibility. The expected lifespan of our high quality LEDs is 50,000 hours.

Light Color: People prefer light sources that most closely imitate the light color we associate with firelight. To date, incandescent light bulbs have done this best. Most people dislike the color of light that comes from many fluorescent and LED sources, considering them too blue, harsh and glaring. Lindsley Lighting uses LED arrays that provide warm light. While not a green practice per se, any time we can provide light that is pleasing to the human eye, we will.

Designs: We offer fixtures that have a timeless quality, whether modern, classically or botanically inspired. We want the design to be relevant for decades.

Materials: We select metals, glass and materials that have a life before and/or after the life of the fixture. All fixtures are made of materials that have recycled content and/or can be recycled. Most are made primarily of aluminum.

Manufacturing: We require all materials and manufacturing processes to be RoHS compliant. This is an EU directive that restricts the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Since the US has not developed a comparable directive, we (along with our suppliers) are using the RoHS Directive to guide our manufacturing processes, ensuring none of our products contain or are manufactured with lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybromated biphenyls, polybromated diphenyl ether or acrylamide.

Packaging: Lindsley Lighting works to reduce the amount of packaging we use as well as use materials that are made of materials that have a greencyle of their own. Our challenge is making sure the fixtures are properly protected for transit to your project. We encourage our customers to recycle or reuse all packaging.

Recycling: Fortunately, there are well-established recycling markets for the metals, glass and plastics we use. The market for recycling circuit boards is emerging and we promise to stay at the forefront of how these can best be reused or recycled. While we expect our fixtures to be in use for a very long time, we will assist anyone in the recycling of our products, when the time comes. 

Made in USA: All manufacturing is done within the US. This reduces the distance that fixtures need to travel to get to their final destination, and the resulting carbon footprint. We are proud of the expertise, quality and craftsmanship we have found here in America.